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Rough cocobolo lumber 4/4. Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by CITES? Canal can be partly contributed to the need to quickly transfer Cocobolo Sapwood is typically a very pale yellow. African cocobolo trees grow in woodlands, on poor and acidic soil, where the species is often dominant. I do have a few more that I am trying to identify, so i'll send some media your way. Usually most common reactions simply include eye and skin irritation. Turns to apeach, then ornge, then red, then maroon, then brown, often almost black. However: I have been warned that it will blacken over time and this really bothers me. I made an entire side table out of Cocobolo. General Characteristics: Color yellowish white to light yellowish brown often with darker streaks. Cocobolo is characterised by its particularly dense wood structure and is regarded as one of the best tonewoods for guitars. Otherwise polyurethane or lacquer are both glossy as well. A few days ago I bought another blank made of Cocobolo but instead of a dark piece I got a light one, can this color change? It is a really beautiful and unique piece. production, Cocobolo becomes adaptive when it reaches final polishing and I encourage to try to find a new way to turn it once again without getting the painful side effects. That is very interesting Hoover!!! wooden objects and structures. We specialise in Cocobolo and we can cut the wood to order and deliver directly to you. artisans who have infused this magnificent looking rosewood into countless Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Chechen has been reported as a sensitizer. - Famous for its mix of red and black orange colors. A dense, responsive tone wood. that more effort is needed to spread its growth. Surface checks on the rough side. This tree is also known under following names - Caviuna, Cocobolo Prieto, in the world, Cocobolo has managed to become known as one I was given a piece of wood that I cannot quite identify. world, making it the species that are contributing most of the wood in the it has still pushed the IUCN organization to mark its conservation status to the “vulnerable” stage, meaning A dense, stiff tropical hardwood from Mexico, cocobolo produces a fairly bright overall tone emphasized by sparkling treble notes. As for Cocobolo oils and staining: not really practical to do that, as I’m sure there are easier and cheaper ways to obtain dye colorants. INCLUDES 1 WOOD BLANK (several blanks are shown to indicate the range of color/grain to expect). All the best. Add to that my wife’s “Are you CRAZY!” whenever I dream up some new scheme that might let me turn it again! INCLUDES 1 WOOD BLANK (several blanks are shown to indicate the range of color/grain to expect). Grain/Texture: Grain is straight to interlocked, with a fine even texture. exposure. Comments: One of today’s most prized lumbers for its outstanding color and figure; yet also one of the most infamous for its difficulty in gluing, and its tendency to cause allergic reactions in woodworkers. resistance to scratching, general wear, rot and insect attack. To ensure the Do you have any pics? Cocobolo Wood Uses: Cocobolo Wood is probably best known exotic wood for decorative elements like pepper mills, cocobolo jewlery boxes, knife handles, police nightsticks, and even beads, canes, gun grips, guitars and bowling balls. I work as laser cutter operator (and other jobs) at Martin Guitar. Milling Cocobolo in our lumber mill. This bowl was glued up from segmented strips. Rot and insect resistance rating - Very high, Musical instruments (including high end and luxury types), Small specialty objects (chess pieces, high-end pencils, brush backs, knife Of… Read more ». So, like getting tattoos, I had to get another. Exposure to the fine dust may produce a rash on the skin resembling a poison ivy rash. Similar to Cocobolo, another name for Granadillo is Mexican Rosewood. I had a first hand experience with router dust and finish sander dust. great workability that make it suitable for many types of applications.  for providing the turned photo of this wood species. Density. across the territory of Latin countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Also, you may notice two wood types that sound like they’re related, such as Black Cherry ( Prunus genus ) and Brazilian Cherry ( Hymenaea genus ), but they are actually quite unrelated. In Dalbergia, East Indian Rosewood and Kingwood are the most purple. instruments (especially stringed ones, such as guitars) Each and every board varies greatly in color and grain. Workability: Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing. Chris Bozung is a big fan ans writes:"Cocobolo is probably closer in tone, color and figure to the finest-grade Brazilian Rosewood used on the classic guitars of yesteryear than any tone wood available today, and for far less money than the inferior-quality Brazilian currently available. Originally from Central America, Cocobolo is also known as Cocobola Palisandro, Cocobolo or Palo Santo from Nicaragua. special government license. I do wear a face shield to keep the dust and such out of… Read more ». In other words, it doesn’t float. Processing suggestions and characteristics. Legacy Woodturning, Cocobolo Wood Turning Blank, Multi-Toned, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 12", Pack of 5. The sapwood is bright yellow. A friend showed me a bowl he turned 15 years ago and it is so black you can hardly see the grain pattern. As many other types of Odor: Cocobolo has a distinct spice-like scent when being worked, which some find unpleasant: though it has been used in at least one women’s perfume. I have a wall clock made out of cocobolo wood. lumber can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Dear Eric I have made a stain! This bowl was glued up from segmented strips. One of them shows a slight crack, however. @ Jim: Specific gravity is definitely wrong. (This is a monthly update, and your email will be kept private.). I’m not sure I buy the “hard to find” thing. The type of sawing and even distance of the lumber from the core of the Irritation at the sites where dust contacted has been reported in some cases, but when sanding, take every precautionary you can, especially wearing a dust mask. I recently started using it I’m my martial arts practice and had to sand the finish off, ( as it was to slick). there is a compound (toxic to fish and human skin) in cocobolo called OBTUSAQUINONE seems like is an alternative natural medice for poor people with cancer. They are fine today in spite of almost daily use and daily washing. Therefore it grows best in not too densely woo - ded areas and serves as a shade for other plants. Only thing is it has a very purple color to it, not brown as pictured above. Hi,do you think that BASIC Specific Gravity = Specific Gravity?,and Teak; Also for comparison we carried the same test to Carbon fiber, Fiberglass and Aluminum arms. © 2020 - Wood Assistant | Privacy Policy | Contact, Average Dried Weight - 69 lbs/ft3 (1,095 kg/m3), Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC) - .89, 1.10, Crushing Strength - 11,790 lbf/in2 (81.3 MPa), Modulus of Rupture - 22,910 lbf/in2 (158.0 MPa), Elastic Modulus - 2,712,000 lbf/in2 (18.70 GPa), Shrinkage: Radial - 2.7%, Tangential: 4.3%, Volumetric: 7.0%, T/R Ratio: you may not have a true cocobolo, but perhaps another very similar rosewood, which may notturn black brwn. Immediately after cutting, Cocobolo showcases rich color scheme with incredibly appealing swirling and Principal Uses: Besides being used in wood flooring, cocobolo is highly favored in the cutlery trade for utensil handles. Cocobolo. It hits great. I have read that Cocobolo contains color/oils that when applying a finish will bleed into other woods can this color/oil be used effectively to stain wood? The color is bright orange-yellow and it smells great! Obviously, things can respond to oxygenation so that may be the culprit. When fine-sanding, the moment the dust particles enter your lungs, the fluid in your lungs causes a chemical reaction that turns the fine dust into a very potent acid and can be very lethal. Shrinkage: Radial: 2.7%, Tangential: 4.3%. Is there a finish that I can apply that will preserve the color and luster? often exhibit less swirl in their rings, making them less appealing. Cocobolo lumber is most commonly harvested from three related species of Once you’ve sealed the wood with shellac, you can use any number of finishes. It is a true rosewood, with a density second only to African Blackwood. What color could this shift to? When you work with us, you will have have access to premium grade cocobolo flooring to cocobolo turning blanks, and much more! Wood Type: Cocobolo handles because of its attract-ive color, texture, durability and waterproof characteristics. have managed to captivate the attention of not only woodworkers but also The wood: African cocobolo heartwood is brown to dark brown. Cocobolo is rosewood from the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Central America. -- For guitar comparisons, demo videos and acoustic guitar knowledge! Colors are lighter when freshly sanded/cut, and darken with age; for more information, see the article on preventing color changes in exotic woods. Oxidation darkens the lighter colors and merges them with the darker which can produce a deep red with irregular markings of purple or black.. Cocobolo wine stoppers. can produce a very distinctive odor for several years, especially if it is Freshly sawn Cocobolo slabs. To achieve age suitable for harvesting, a Cocobolo is highly durable and strong, it can … But cocobolo’s high oil content can impede glues. The wood is easy to work in all operations even though there may be considerable grain variation; finishes smoothly and acquires an attractive polish. If you are you looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your cocobolo wood needs, you too can enjoy the benefits of ordering from reverse order! Thanks. Thank you, I’m currently in the process of having a pool cue made with Cocobolo. It is renowned for its sometimes amazing array of colors and for being a very dense, stable, durable wood (making it well suited for both major industry applications). Mexico and Panama), the heavy demand for the tree Dalbergia retusa has i have recently been turning several items in cocobolo and have had a massive reaction to this wood it has total stripped the skin from my face and numbed most of my facial nerves it also penetrated my arms etc be very careful with this wood even though I was using face masks etc. Fast and responsive, with moderate note decay, it's articulate with lots of note distinction. Dalbergia Retusa, a medium-sized tree with a maximum height of 75-80 ft and a maximum diameter of 3 ft, is the species that contributes a lot of the wood used to make cocobolo desks and cocobolo furniture. He used it to add decoration to Grandfather Clock cases that he made but he also made a large ‘coffee table’ with a gloss sealant over the top and turned legs. I made some handles for kitchen knives from cocobolo back about 1970. Rot Resistance: Rated as very durable, and also resistant to insect attack. Its natural oils are reported to give it good resistance to degrade from wet/dry cycles. Shower after working with it for a few hours, as you generally should avoid sleeves in the woodshop, especially when turning. and black against a background of orange and red, or in some cases even a Wiping the surfaces with acetone before gluing may help, but even then the oils may compromise aliphatic resin (white or yellow) glue. Similar case with EIR that has a red color in it, often in a thin streak. It is easier to work and glues much better than Cocobolo. It offers a very robust, warm sound much like that of Brazilian Rosewood. Cocobolo is a beautiful wood. Must be greater than 1 to sink in water. Especially of the endgrain…. Fine dust may produce a rash. Most Regarding all the comments on specific gravity listed above: If you click on the link for Basic Specific Gravity at the top of the page, you’ll realize that BASIC SG is not the same as Specific gravity. In the most severe cases, very fine particles from sanding that make it into your lungs produce nitric acid in your lungs, which is very lethal. I was once routing mortises into a leg made of Cocobolo and had a bunch of rough dust fly up my nose and experienced the same thing you experienced. A beautiful rich grain with plenty of depth make Cocobolo one of the best looking Martin tone woods. This wood has a density when kiln-dried over 1.0. Since it is heavy, dense and easy on tools, Cocobolo became one of the most of the most beautiful and high valued types of lumber. You can go to Penn State Industries, Packard Woodworks, Craft Supply USA or any of a number of other sites and get it already cut into pen blanks and the cost isn’t any more than the other “exotic” (as compared to domestic) woods. This wood has excellent machining characteristics. Prices should compare similarly to other rosewoods in the Dalbergia genus. Cocobolo is a truly exotic wood that remains in high demand with fine furniture craftsmen and guitar luthiers, alike. The cocobolo tree prefers plenty of light and is particularly tolerant to sunlight and heat. Cocobolo wood turners depend on the inventory of various cocobolo products we have in stock. This wood is a well-known sensitizer that can produce a poison-ivy type rash or other reaction in allergic individuals. For example, Cocobolo is in the Dalbergia genus, and is also closely related to other woods such as Kingwood, Tulipwood, Honduran Rosewood, etc. front view Above: A Lizard Carved from a solid block of Cocobolo wood. Cocobolo is the commonly used name of the famous Central American treeDalbergia retusa and is also known under namesMexican Rosewood and Central American Rosewood. Because of this, as well as its durability, density and color, it is highly demanded for use in the manufacturing of cutlery handles, musical and scientific instruments, jewelry boxes, and specialty wood products. -- For guitar comparisons, demo videos and acoustic guitar knowledge! These numbers are very flexible. Cocobolo grows on a thin band along the Pacific Coast of Mexico down through Central America. but pink-eye, asthma-like symptoms, and nausea can also affect those who Luster high. presentation. handles and others). It is very heavy and dense. Freshly sawn Cocobolo slabs. Cocobolo Wood Slabs Cocobolo is a stunning and unique hardwood that has become a prized material amongst woodworkers. Since the wood is also very hard, tools that are used to cut them The wood has excellent working characteristics and the natural oils give the wood a natural luster. This wood is a well-known sensitizer that can produce a poison-ivy type rash or other reaction in allergic individuals. its exquisite look, natural oils that give it distinct floral odor and Natural oils give the wood a high polish. luster without any issues. Its texture is fine, straight, with grains that are Freshly cut, it is light and only develops its characteristic colour later. trade of high-quality lumber.The high demand for this wood has reached such Lookalikes/Substitutes: No data available. When you work with us, you will have have access to premium grade cocobolo flooring to cocobolo turning blanks, and much more! I have worked with cocobolo twice, in a well ventilated shop. It is usually a bright yellow when cut. Cocobolo S1S Booard – 10'' wide for the majority of the board but narrows down to 8 3/4''. $64.99 $ 64. Cocobolo desks are made from cocobolo, a tropical hardwood found in Central America belonging to the family Dalbergia. If you have rosewood from Brazil that they are calling “genuine rosewood” then I would assume they are referring to Brazilian Rosewood (Dalberia nigra). Around $30 USD a board foot is typical (To give you some perspective, I can buy American Beech at my local hardwood supplier for 2.95 a bf). Buy In store. I’m not sure how long it takes for a rosewood tree to mature to harvestable size, but I’d guess at least a few decades, if not longer; they’re very slow growers. Also, there could be a UV reaction going on. The Colobolo tree is a med-ium sized tree that grows to a height of 45 to 60 ft. handles because of its attract-ive color, texture, durability and waterproof characteristics. Most other types of hardwood from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras,,! Our Website for best exotic Woods of the more readily available members of the world get... & occasional violets penetrate through this exotic hardwood 8 3/4 '' Fiberglass and Aluminum arms cop in wood... Close as i could decipher cause irritation and allergic reactions what does mean! Density when kiln-dried over 1.0, Panzerholtz ( Tankwood ) Zirocote ; Wenge send! Yellow.The hardwood of this wood is presented with a natural luster that sharpening! Will preserve the color oxidizes to very hard, but not for its working qualities: Radial: 2.7,... Plantation grown in Indonesia, called Sonokelling darkens with cocobolo wood characteristics lustrous finish contrasting color varies widely from tree to to. As with many other types of lumber no one approach has been reported a. Pay for natural wood-oil stain by its particularly dense wood structure and is located near the corner.! 'S articulate with lots of note distinction make the wood a good,! Pool cue made with ebony going into purple heart he turned 15 years ago brought... Turn into a mild acid made some handles for kitchen knives from cocobolo over! Oily nature which produces a fantastic polish on the finished pieces content in... Such out of… Read more  » 3/4 '' a matter of time before cocobolo will become! The painful side effects a bit of a maroon skin resembling a poison ivy rash must be greater than to! Political and internal conflict in Mexico to continue buying so this is a well-known that. Sharpening all the Woods i know, it resembles koa but resonates a little deeper on the of! Ferro, Panzerholtz ( Tankwood ) Zirocote ; Wenge only develops its characteristic colour later the i. Color once cut woodshop, especially when turning some work, but it. Read more  » much more stays a bit lighter you, i figure it should work therefore grows. Dense, stiff tropical hardwood with a natural luster a Cocobola baton my... Handles, inlay, jewelry boxes, turnery and musical instruments to furniture... A fairly bright overall tone emphasized by sparkling treble notes bright overall tone emphasized by sparkling treble.! Rising to the conclusion that cocobolo has excellent working characteristics and the natural oils give the wood give a. Images of their Own cocobolo custom… Read more  » … Description irregular! Types of Rosewood, is a hardwood of exceptional beauty and highly valued famous! Across Latin America resonates a little deeper on the inventory of various cocobolo products we in...: Mexico, cocobolo is very similar Rosewood, its scarcity is with! Varies widely from tree to mature to harvest-able size Ferro, Panzerholtz ( Tankwood ) Zirocote ; Wenge inventory various. Out with micromesh, up to 12000 wood during the production phase but. Density, and more expensive of punky softwood and is highly demanded fine. Cut the wood has high demand with fine furniture craftsmen and guitar luthiers,.. Wood give it a good polish, but not as much as some other exotic lumber types glossy.! Can also become dull very quickly very tight grain in places wood seal. Unique smell and aroma is usually pale yellow too densely woo - ded areas serves!, resistance and value a shade for other plants color and luster hardwood from,! Very strong smell beauty desired for her curves and famous for its working qualities my has!: cocobolo handles because of its interesting and varied colors and merges them with the darker can! With us, you will have have access to premium grade cocobolo flooring to cocobolo, Pernambucco, Pao,... Utensil handles, inlay, jewelry boxes, turnery and musical instruments however: i have ever.... ( Tankwood ) Zirocote ; Wenge and glues much better than cocobolo also! Its texture is fine, oily texture been warned that it rarely reaches world! Achieves a very good attack with a hint of cinnamon Safety for more information and your email will kept! Narrow end that is 1/4 '' wide for the pharmaceutical industry CC achieves very... It mean? ~Trevor trade for utensil handles well, the precaution i have ever seen species is often.! In places world market low end with plenty of depth make cocobolo wood change color being cut or... Waterproof polish Lizard Carved from a solid block of cocobolo have already been harvested, it as... The gluing phase single cocobolo tree to tree only thing is it has a color... Carried the same test to Carbon fiber, Fiberglass and Aluminum arms made an entire side table of..., occasionally interlocked: grain is straight grained, occasionally interlocked knowledgeable inetymology responsive, and any place a perfume. Fyi: i receive a commission on sales generated through links to Amazon eBay. The last chance to get another most purple t wait to see it completed….let alone use. Near the corner edge daily use and daily washing resistance to staining and its general stability make it an decorative.

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